About Us

Who We Are

code4berry company is a software developing company which develop business softwares and websites for business people. Also it provide free projects developed with latest technology mainly for commercial use, Our company is rich in best learning tutorials which help many developers/students to master programming languages very fast and become experts in a limited time.

Our Awesome Features

Rich security and other awesome features are included with in the system to make sure that their sites are free from hackers, robots and malicious softwares. Thsese security features helped our clients sites to load faster and to protect their products, also features like search engine optimisation(SEO) are included which help your website to get high traffic.

Premium Sliders Included

We include awesome premium sliders which make your site to look beautiful and attract customer's eye.

100% Responsive Layout

All website developed with us are 100% responsive meaning that they are well displayed in all devices.

Support System

We give support 24/7 to all of our clients to make sure that their business is moving smoothly.

about us

Why Choose Us?

Our projects are developed with clean and latest code with explanation in it meaning that it is easy to intergrate and to add more functionalities, Also we give support and guide on how to use our projects.

Our tutorials code are well explained to make it easier for new developers to understand each and every line of code and they are free to download with a guide on how to use them.

Our Solution

We provide light, fast and high security web applications which can help to grow your business faster. It has features which can help customers to book a servise or product online, admin dashboards and more beautifull features.
We provide free tutorials with latest and clean codes which can help students or beginners to master the programming languages faster. This helped many students in the world to learn and improve on thier skills.
We helped many business starters to achieve thier dreams through connecting our cleint's businness to our high traffic sites which enables them to get many customers hence growing faster. Contact us now your business will never be the same.
We develop small and big projects up to the point of fullfilling our client need with 100% full support. All our projects has rich features with beautiful user interface which attracts customers, also with admin dashboard which helped them to truck, manage and take control.

Our Expertise

Project Managment
40% Complete (success)
Frontend Development
40% Complete (success)
Backend Development
40% Complete (success)
Digital Marketing
40% Complete (success)